A New Day

My husband has been preaching, and singing, and humming that “a new day is dawning.” I get it. I’m ready. But some days, a “new day dawning” means “no more sleep.”

And I like sleep. I don’t LOVE it. I’m no Book of Proverbs Sluggard. But sleep IS a necessity.

I used to be a morning person. Then I married a night owl… who soon after, impregnated me with the first of four beautiful, round-the-clock, milk-desiring creatures… Whom are NIGHT OWLS… like their dad. These creatures are ALSO morning people. I, on the other hand, am left behind… in afternoon land, I guess.

So, a “new day dawning” can sometimes mean I just want to pull the pillow over my face and quote something from the Book of “HE-brews” to see if it will inspire my husband to the Biblically mandated role of the Man as the coffee maker.

But… Slowly… Repetitively…something in my husband’s consistent, prophetic declaration to our church and in our home spurned an AWAKENING. I started feeling excited about this New Day. I started sensing something in my gut… God IS doing something NEW.

This goes beyond my family, our church, and some really, really cool, exciting news I can’t share yet (NO, I am NOT pregnant!). There is an AWAKENING happening right now in sensitive hearts world-wide. Tim is right. The change of season externally is only paralleling the internal change that God is unfolding.

It changed my perspective. I wake with expectation. I still murmur “book of HE-brews” to get bedside coffee delivery, but my non-carnal self sees something. There’s a glimmer of a different kind of morning sunlight in my eye. It makes me cheerful beyond what my 3 yr old’s smile or my Starbucks Espresso roast incite. It’s a New Day.

God’s Word promises that the path of the righteous grows “brighter and brighter” and His plans for our life are good plans with a bright future. Even if you are not a “morning person”- let this word reach your heart and your subconscious MIND… located in your head which is way down deeeeeeep…under your pillow. There IS a glimmery new day dawning…



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