Flabby Arms NO LONGER Part 2

Ok I pretty much just had a bad attitude in Part 1. I will now don my spiritual attitude and be a grown up.

Noooooo you’re saying. We want FUNNY. We want to LAUGH at you. Ok well you can laugh… but at the end of the day (or the beginning of the day) there’s a purpose to my self-deprecation.

Remember that scripture? “She strengthens her arms” from Proverbs… I don’t cite it to be cutesy. The Bible has strength-training as a subject not to make us depressed about our physical condition. And it is definitely not to make us defensively compartmentalize our life.

Flabby arms fiddle dee fee. You can be any size or shape, but you’re the real deal when you have strength, endurance and extension.

////Warning: the following is a tad PREACHERY: Cue the soft piano music.

God is SO PERFECT and wants our entire lives to be good that He gives us principles throughout the Bible using common everyday appendages… like arms.
Strong arms are discussed in relation to
SERVING the Poor
CLOTHING and covering our families (and churches)
And ultimately strong arms determine our power and endurance and extension to affect these areas.

Flabby is a state of mind. I am NOT WORRIED about my actual arms (thank you to all the kind commiserating souls). I just know that I am more inspired than ever to strengthen on purpose.

Arms are an extension of us. Duh. I don’t mean that they stick out of your torso, I mean they represent your ABILITY and POWER in life.

If you are consistent to train yourself a little bit now, you will have strength for whatever you need later.

I’m not just talking about 2 or 5 pound weights (or soup cans which is what my girls pull out of the pantry for weights on aerobics nights). I’m talking about ACCEPTING small challenges in life as strength training. There will be a day that a big challenge will come your way, like a large, fussy toddler, and need you to carry it. If you are prepared, (the soup cans) those big challenges will be Nothin’.

Strengthen WITH purpose.

We’ve got work to do!

The world is full of Need and your arms are needed.

///”We just love you!” That was my best Joel Osteen impression.///


3 thoughts on “Flabby Arms NO LONGER Part 2

  1. Good point. It doesn’t matter what our arms/or body looks like, just as long as we are strong enough & prepared to do God’s Work. Amen..

  2. I think you are hilarious too, in fact I agree with everything your sister says except the dork part! I do not think you’re a dork!! :O) My little sister callls me a dork too. Te mando un abrazo!!

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