Blobs with Blogs

Motivation is usually not a problem for me. I am a pretty balanced person except for certain days of the month when I warn people in my family to “steer clear” of the crazy lady.

Usually there is a good mix in my life between enjoying the present moment and reaching forward to grab the future.

Some people I know are always “motivated” to pursue the future at the expense of enjoying the present. And others seem like jello just molding to their present surroundings and circumstances. They just blob around day to day.

I’m not sure that “blob” is a verb. I think it’s a noun. But I’m using it how I want. 🙂

Right now, at this present moment, I am blobbing it. I am a bit tired and have a lot of things on my mind. I do not appear very motivated today. I am in my new sun tanning lounge chair (Target, on-sale, thank you very much) in my jeans and flipflops… blogging on my cell phone. Because blogging is better than plain ol’ blobbing. And maybe I can convince myself that blogging is accountability for my lack of motivation today.

It is also a multi-tasker’s way to list all my to-dos. Incidentally, I usually prefer the “tah-dah” moments of great accomplishment to the plain old “to-dos” of life… Although the tah-dahs are often made up of many little To-dos… Such as:

-Catch up or burn all Laundry
-Pre-treat stains
-Pick up backyard from impromptu picnicking children
-Buy 9 million dollar church building
-Charge Barbie car battery
-Catch up on Bible reading plan
-Grade home school papers
-Make 6 year old finish her math paper first
-Roll-out volunteer plan for bldg
-Choose carpet and chair colors for new bldg
-Write Mother’s Day sermon
-Check library book due dates
-Reorganize Master closet (before friend who helped me with it last time comes and sees it)

Most of these things are in a perpetual screen-saver cycle in my subconscious. When I am MOTIVATED I can actually bust them into my conscious mind and then DO them…

Thankfully I don’t have to do it all alone but when I’m not feeling very motivated, I find that certain things help:
1. Prayer
Mine usually goes something like this:
“Dear God, HELP. Amen.”
2. Bible reading
I do not recommend the “close your eyes, open the Book, and point” method. This can tend to DE-motivate you especially if you find something in the book of Ecclesiastes… say… chapter 1 …verse 2.
3. Coffee
I recommend a little coffee and a lot of water. Coffee gets you going. Water keeps you going. Stay near a bathroom.
4. Sunshine and creative expression. Before tackling a hard task or a buncha little ones I take a second to do a little writing or music or dance (the dance thing works but I am relegated to only doing this at home… When no one is around).
5. A hot bath. This also works when I am TOO motivated and just need to take a minute to enjoy the present.
6. Check my heart and attitude. Yes! Sometimes a lack of motivation is simply a lack of love or too much of an inward focus. Sorry to get all black and white about it. But I have figured out that when I’m tired but thinking about others (loving and selfless) I can still do the laundry and grade the papers and brainstorm with Tim about the church and cook spaghetti for the millionth time. Because my heart’s attitude fuels my motivation.

I realize that sometimes you just need a “chill” break. You can still be a “forward-moving future grabber” with periodic bouts of inactivity. (Like mine, here in the chair). In fact, if you choose to use those moments, they can fuel your motivation for the to-dos as well as the tah-dahs of life.

There. I’m glad I could have this little pep talk with myself about this in front of you. Because you really needed this. Ha ha

Now I’d better stop blobbing… I mean blogging… and DO something.

I’d love to hear: how do you get motivated?


4 thoughts on “Blobs with Blogs

  1. I love this. I have to admit last night after a very long week at work and an especially trying day I just wanted to go home and relax and get a head start on what you call the tah dah list! I just felt the Lord tugging on my heart and say, you have to be there tonight!! I dreaded hearing another report about my son crying his heart out in the nursery again but I had an idea… I thought I’m going to take his security blanket tonight and see if maybe that will help. It did! Pepe sent me a video from his phone and Josue was just as content as the sweet little boy I know and LOVE!! Angelica and I had a break through moment with the 8th and 9th grade girls last night and we made a very special connection lots of tears, hugging, praying for one another and we all felt the presence of the LORD. God opened my eyes to the needs of our class and what motivates me is to see their lives transformed and to hopefully help them not make some of the same mistakes I made!! I’m not sure if you know how amazing you are and how much people look up to you and look forward to reading your blog.

  2. I love it! thanks for sharing your heart. Sometimes I am so alienated that I feel I can no do nothing more. But I take a breath and smile:) and I think all good things GOD has done for me, has given to me. I thank Him for His love, grace, and favor. I breath again. I ask God’s Insight, and help to focus in what is important for me this day, what it is His plan and help to overcome in middle of the crisis. My relax time or escape is take everybody to watch a movie or going to the lake, or going to eat ice cream or going for a walk to the park close home. Thanks GOD for good choices.

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