Real People

Some of the most influential people I know are hidden.
Behind plain clothes, or average stature, or old cars.

Some look nothing like our culture’s definition of success. Especially in my beautiful but often materialistic city of Dallas, TX known for big hair and tall high heels.

Some of the wisest people I know, rarely open their mouths. They might smile while you jabber on about yourself and let you make a wrong decision so as not to correct you. Because they did that once too… and they know you’ll learn from it.

Some of the most giving people I know are the least demonstrative. No strings attached. They give of time or casseroles or smiles…. without tweeting about it. In fact, you might not find them on Twitter. They don’t crave leadership. They simply lead.

Real people.

What if I introduced you to some of these people? You might be surprised… at your lack of surprise.
No flash.
No self-tanner in the creases of their hands.
No ultra-white, perfect teeth.
Just Christians.
Who love God.
Who love people.
Who extend beyond themselves.
Not to impress.
Just to influence…
…out of love…
I am challenged by these hidden leaders. With an influence that is not immediately palpable but authentic none-the-less.
Would you follow a leader like this?
Would their influence affect change in you?


Can you see beyond the Leadership books?
Can you see the organic nature of Christian influence?

What if the more you look for the Real, the more Real you see?

Jesus, on earth, was not flashy, dynamic, or visibly attractive.
It took faith to see His beauty.
Childlike faith.
Desperate faith.
Can you see that type of beauty in people?
Can you be that to others?
What if your beauty and leadership and charisma gets in the way of the REAL?
That’s what I’m thinking about right now.

I have found the Real. I want nothing less. And nothing more.

There was nothing beautiful or majestic about His appearance, nothing to attract us to Him. Isaiah 53:2


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