World Cup

Ahhhh soccer.
I used to play.
I was soooooo good too.
Like, I totally juggled the ball with my knee once ten times in a row. But my Coach missed it. And no one on my team, The Ladybugs, saw that so…
Yeah. I played in mid-field. Which meant I wasn’t especially fast, or good at offense or defense. But being of tall, Swedish stock, my coach probably thought I’d be good at blocking the long shots from mid-field.

JUST by standing there.

Yeah, some of us Ladybugs were pretty much human traffic cones. The other team pretty much dribbled around us. But sometimes they DID look a little bit scared. Especially when they passed ME. Yeah, I probably totally INTIMIDATED THEM.

So now we are starting the World Cup. About which I honestly know very little. Because they didn’t teach us 9 year old Ladybugs or 10 year old Carebears anything about REAL soccer.

But I DO know that soccer is pretty big world-wide. I mean like ten times more popular than our U.S. Superbowl. And not just in Latin American countries, but all over Europe, Africa and Asia too. Soccer is THE sport. And this goes WAY beyond a once a year Superbowl Sunday in terms of fan support. I mean this is big. It will be a MONTH of excitement with employees gathered around radios in their breakrooms and ALOT of sick days taken around the world. Ahem, ahem…

Tim and I are starting the celebration off Friday morning by watching the first game (Mexico against South Africa) with our church staff. Because pretty much OUR staff would not work worth anything Friday morning unless we LET THEM watch the game first. I’m just joking (they read my blog) 😉 ha ha. Everybody. Now get back to work.

Ok, so if WORLDWIDE, people will call in to work “sick”, buy expensive jerseys, fly to SOUTH AFRICA, host watching parties, live, emotionally, for the success of their country or team for a whole month… that is PASSION.

What would YOU do and for WHOM because of passion? Does your passion for God outweigh your love of anything else? Where your jersey is, there your heart will be also….

Friday we will be having tacos and coffee and donuts… and wearing our jerseys… and cheering Mexico on…

I love the unity that comes from cheering for the same team. I also really enjoy seeing people be passionate about something. Especially about Jesus. There’s a time and place for soccer too.


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