Sharing and Stewardship

It requires graciousness to share.
And maturity.
And humility.

For instance, many, many, many volunteers at the church (our VIPs) gave and gave and gave hours and days and weeks and dollars and gifts and sweat and tears and made a huge combined effort towards getting ready for yesterday’s first service in a new facility.

Saturday was crunch day. We were down to the last items on our “to do” list before Sunday’s service. And in the moving of some furniture from a reception area to a conference room, the beautiful gray carpet got a smudge. Only about a four foot line across 25,000 sq feet total …. so I shouldn’t complain. But… it was right in the entry way of the sanctuary. And I found myself frustrated when the “travertine” gray carpet had a line that looked like “charcoal” gray. I know, I know. Not everyone would care. But I did. And I busted out my favorite cleaning product of all: baby wipes. Which I can and possibly may have used on everything from birdy doo doo on the car hood to baby doo doo on carpet. So I thought this would come right out. But it didn’t. And I started to feel grumpy at the kind gentlemen who volunteered their biceps to move the table in the first place. Gasp. I know. Confessions of a grumpy pastor’s wife…

I justified my “boppy” attitude ( what my kids call it) because, after all, I should take ownership and be a leader and in a church, leaders want stuff to be “right.” Right? I wanted the sanctuary to look “excellent.” But actually it was pride. And my frustration proved it. It was an accident. It can get fixed. But I was inwardly not very gracious. God gives grace to the humble…. If I’m NOT being gracious… I’m likely NOT being humble. Yeah… So I had to check my heart on that one…

And then Sunday came. And it was a blast. And no one mentioned the carpet.

And hundreds of others got to see and enjoy the result… and we worshiped, and we prayed and we were challenged by the message and we ate fajitas and paella and watched the World Cup after church on the big screen. And it was awesome. Except that I was a sweaty zombie by then so I kind of walked around in circles counting my children… 51, 52…

…But everyone who came to church yesterday had a blast. We ALL enjoyed the results of a lot of hard work. The ones who had shared the most of their time and talent probably got the most joy out of the day…

Sometimes you gotta just open your life and your heart and your doors and say… There’s been a lot of work done in here… and you are welcome to enjoy the benefits… Even if that means some carpet gets messed up.

Stewardship…means “it” doesn’t belong to you. And yet you get the responsibility of caring AND the joy of sharing…

And you also get to handle those tiny details…
like where in the world is the key for the janitor’s closet…
because second service is starting and there’s only one roll of toilet paper in ONE stall in all the ladies downstairs bathrooms.
…And ladies are calling from the bathroom…
That was fun.

Not as fun, I’m sure, as what one of our male pastors had to do while cleaning up the facility last night before locking up… A volunteer team was finishing up cleaning the building and asked his help with ONE tiny task…. I can’t say what it was…. Wild horses couldn’t drag it from me… But his wife will probably tell all for 20 bucks…

Let’s just say… he has probably never done “stewardship” like that before….


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