A Prayer for my Enemies

I hope that there’s nobody you can’t bear to “run into” at the store. That there’s nobody whose name makes you roll your eyes, or cringe or feel nauseous or sad or mad. The longer you live, the more experiences you have and people you know. And there are more possibilities, too, that you will rub someone the wrong way. Or be rubbed the wrong way. Sometimes this is just a temperament thing. But sometimes it’s deeper.

When you look in the Bible, at enemies of Israel, or of David, or of prophets… They all have enemies that want something they have…Any true “enemies” we have are dream or destiny stealers.

The Bible says we don’t even really have fights with people.. The good against evil battle is really a spiritual one.

But there are battles that happen where people are casualties. Of words, attitudes… incorrect motives. People are influenced by spiritual forces. People are influenced by ideologies, thoughts and feelings. People are influenced by fear and jealousy.

That’s why it is SO important that we “renew our minds” with thoughts and feelings based on Truth from God’s Word. Then we can’t be as easily affected by our enemies and we are less likely to turn around injure and steal the dreams of others…

Even GOOD people with love for God in their heart can act like an enemy when they are not focused on Truth. We all have been influenced by our own weaknesses.

IF you encounter someone who just has it out for you… whose motivation towards you seems anything but good…

Pray for them.

A prayer for my enemies:
May your hearts’ desires come true.
May your life be full of true friends.
May your perspective rise above the petty.
May your focus be on the lasting riches.
May your love increase.
May your fears subside.
May your past hold you back no longer.
May you be free to truly live.
May the Truth set you free. Freedom from any box you put yourself in or from the judgments you have tried to make on others.
May you have no enemies.

I believe God’s word instructs us to pray for our enemies because it keeps OUR hearts soft and pliable. If you are praying this type of prayer for someone, you are doing the best thing you can do… for your heart… and for those who pose as enemies to your dreams.

And remember God’s plans for you are GOOD ones and He is not only your ally but He reserves Friendship for those who reverence Him.


2 thoughts on “A Prayer for my Enemies

  1. I love your perspective. I was just thinking that sometimes, as women, it’s not so much that we can’t bear to run into someone at the store; it’s that our relationship levels change. One year we’re very close to someone – the best of friends. The next year we’re just regular ‘ol friends (keeping each other at arms length) because something happened that made us afraid of getting intimate again lest we get hurt again. Many of us women have mastered the art of reconciling on the small stuff – we pray, we talk, we apologize and we “forgive” each other. But we haven’t yet mastered the art of restoring intimacy in our relationships. As such the enemy is having a field day destroying intimacy among Christian women. Maybe I’ll tag-blog you with a “Prayer for my former Best Friend” beginning with “May you know that I love you still, more now than before…” hmm now there’s a thought.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  2. This post is very helpful for me today. It reaffirms my thought that most often the chage that need to be made should be in me. Thank you.

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