A day in the life… specifically, a Friday of mine….

Today entailed lots of duties. Very important duties. For very important people. Just kidding. Very important….Normal stuff. But maybe me sharing my normal hum-drum will make you feel like your Friday was ROCKIN’ in comparison. πŸ˜‰

9:23 am
Yes, I slept in. Whoopity doo. That is a very important part of this complete… life. My older girls had already started their school videos so I felt 50% less guilty and the other 50% of me reminded myself I was catching up on all the missed sleep from their early years. I will be using that as long as I can. Or until my thyroid believes I am a morning person again.

9:24 am
Coffee. And yes. It’s that important that it gets its own time slot.

9:30 am
Lamenting my fried hair after yesterday’s highlights… which led to…

11:00 am
Emergency hair trim. Enough said.

1 pm
Appointment at the church is supposed to start. Guy calls: he’s late. Tim texts: he’s late. Rolando texts: he’s late.
I’m late.
See… This all works out. Like a fairy tale.

1:13 pm
Appointment at the church actually begins. Looking at layout and plans for a future outdoor playground. These plans have since been approved by certain pastor kids who in their brief but power-packed years of life, thus far, have already spent more time at church testing pews, classroom toys and playgrounds than most weekend-only-church-attending 80 year olds.

3:40 pm
A very necessary but slightly pricey snack-buying spree at Sprouts (for those same pastor’s kids).
Taste test verdicts: Natural cheese whiz= a hit; Dried mangos= not so much. Put them together = snacking delicacy.

5:30 pm
Date with Tim. Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive. Just talking, walking. A light dinner. Helping a little lost boy at the mall who answered yes to every question making it very tempting to get him to give an affirmative promise of a reward from his parents ….who later showed up worried, with excuses and the dad blaming the mom and the mom blaming the dad.

8:20 pm
Bookstore. A great place to end a date. This used to be a really inexpensive way to spend a couple of hours in relative quiet, alone, yet together. Just reading, waiting to see if the babysitter texted with the news that she has successfully gotten the children to bed. (I pay double for sleeping children). We have since found out that bookstores are expensive places for me.
Because me LIKE books. (In my best cookie monster voice).
Lots of books.
Hard cover books.
Many, many books.
So, my husband said the bookstore is no longer an inexpensive end to a date and apparently next week he’s taking me to a library.

9:45 pm
Home. This is where it ends for the day because pretty much this is when that coffee from 9:24 AM wore off. πŸ™‚

Hope your weekend was just as rockin’ or, at least, eventful (in a good way). Regardless, I pray you do have a great week, upcoming, and a bit of a break from the routine, maybe. Remember, each day has something in it for which we can be grateful…. not just Friday…

This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24


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