Yes, we know what causes this.

Soooo on September 1st I took a test.

I was not EXPECTING the test to be positive.
But I WAS expecting.
Because the TEST WAS positive.
I repeat:
I took a PREGNANCY test.
And I am positive that it was positive. Positively positive.
Feeling a bit dizzy with the news. 🙂
But it’s amazing how that hint of nausea reels me back into reality.

Hormones can be funky little suckers. So I was thinking, you know… This month my “hormones” are a little off. Because that can happen. But…
Regular old silly hormones don’t make me nauseous. Pregnancy hormones do. That nausea is what clued me in.

Still incredulous, I showed the test to my sister who about fainted with giddy smiles. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!
Called my husband home. His immediate reaction after “oh my gosh” a million times was: “we need a bigger house,” said with a pale smile on his very handsome and very shocked face.

No worries babe. That’s why bunkbeds were invented. 😉

I’m honored that God gave the ability to create life and the individual miracle of THIS life to us.
And I get to carry it.
And I get to have the stretch marks of glory later to prove it.
And I WOULD BE freaking out a bit more about this if I had the energy. But I am soooooooo tired.
I forgot what this kind of early pregnancy tired feels like.

It’s amazing what all we can forget when we want to…

Like the contractions, and buying diapers by the case and midnight feedings… and…

Oh just thinking about it all makes me… sleepy… 🙂



5 thoughts on “Yes, we know what causes this.

  1. Love the blog! Cute Tim saying y’all need a bigger house! Hope the first trimester sickness & tiredness goes quickly for you. But you’re awesome with such a positive attitude! Love all of y’all!

  2. Congratulations!!!! I’m so excited for you two & for the girls…..

    Please keep us posted.

    Love you!!


  3. I am soo happy for y’all 🙂 I get all emotionally everytime I’m in BabiesRUs looking at all the cute baby bellies. Pregnancy is AWESOME! Congrats again.

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