Boy or Girl?

Boy or girl?
So, I’m thinking about this little one inside me. He looks like an alien right now. But I love him already. Incidentally, I have never talked about my babies as “him or her,” “he or she.” I just do naturally with this one. I think he’s my boy.
Which would be really fun and a completely different experience. But I can also imagine a fifth girl. :). A house FULL of princesses. And I will open a pay pal account for all those who feel compelled to help with 5 college educations and 5 weddings. And as Tim would add: a fund for toilet paper and feminine products.
Each one of our girls is so precious and unique. Tim nor I have ever prayed before conceiving, that God would give us a boy or a girl.
We simply trust God that whether we “planned” or God “surprised” us with or that birth control “fooled us” again, that ALL along God knew what He was doing and whom He was placing in our family. He chooses the timing of each child born on earth. And He chooses the gender. Ohhhhh the frustration I’ve endured before hearing allllll the questions/comments/suggestions about having a boy versus a girl. As if I have anything to do with that! Technically, Tim is the one who needs to eat cabbage and chew tobacco (no, he does not really condone this) if he’s gonna get his little guys all prepared to make a “little guy” versus a girl. Or so they say…

I could care less. I have had that discussion with God. On the side. Not while I was pregnant. Not wanting to be pregnant. And I felt like I got His answer:
He considered us worthy of raising 4 girls to know and live out godly womanhood. He considered me capable of pouring into and mentoring them into womanhood. Big responsibility.
Soooo now I think it’s Tim’s turn. πŸ˜‰
Although I will say, he’s more than half the reason our daughters are so well adjusted and secure. He fathers them with such a wise and gentle leadership. They will be hard-pressed to find a mate as wonderful as their daddy. (Although, I believe God has his hand in this, as well!)

But who are we to complain when God gives us a new baby we weren’t expecting? Or a gender we “already have.” I won’t be one to join with some sad and deceived cultures that undervalue women and girls. Whatever God chose is great with me. If it’s a girl, I’ll be overjoyed. If it’s a boy, I’ll be giddy. And If it’s a boy, I will SO enjoy the get-out-of-potty-training dibs. We have already agreed (if it’s a boy): I’ll do the diapering, Tim will do the potty training. If it’s a girl: I’ll do the diapering and potty training, he’ll do the midnight feedings.
Muahhhh haa haa… (evil cackle)

I’m so looking forward to seeing my little son… or fifth beautiful daughter πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Boy or Girl?

  1. Pastor Abigail,
    Well written blog. I want to sit down with you and get all kinds of lessons on parenting. You girls are so precious. Hannah makes me cry when I see her because her Spirit is soooo Sweet. It breaks me everytime. You and Pastor Tim have done such a wonderful job with your girls. I pray that Paul and I do at least 3/4 of the job that you have with yours. Can’t wait until we start on ours. Love you and Miss seeing you all!

  2. We had three boys-no girls. But, now we have 3 wonderful daughters-in-law and 6 granddaughters (so far). Now, I have daughters and granddaughters to do girl things with and to buy pink things for. I just bought a 64 count box of all pink crayons for one of my granddaughters (special order). If you are patient, the things you would like will come. Congratulations.

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