Ladies Ministry- You Grow Girl!

So excited about ladies ministry in Mundo de Fe. We are seeing such a beautiful mixture of ages and nationalities learning and sharing together.  Last night I saw mothers and daughters, grandmothers, working women and young moms all together. Nearly 100 of you! We played The Price is Right and then got right down to business learning what God’s word says about Stewardship. We talked everything from our Psalm 1 promise of “fruitfulness in all seasons” to coupon cutting and shopping tips.
One of the things I’m happy to see that has happened this past summer and fall through our Focus Bible studies is that we have touched on some basic, foundational themes for being disciples of Jesus.  Each month we integrated these themes throughout the different segments of the congregation. We have covered Identity, Relationships, Stewardship and looked at what the Bible says about those subjects, applying them to our lives as women (and, in subsequent weeks, breaking it down for Marrieds, Singles and Men as well).  Next month we cover Purity and Holiness.
It’s purposeful and systematic and, for those who faithfully attend, the biblical take-away is reinforced 2-3 times a month depending on which life category the person fits.  It’s been a really healthy, God-breathed strategy that my husband initiated earlier in the year.  I have loved it. Especially the hands-on teaching with the ladies. 
The purposeful, secondary byproduct of these monthly Bible studies is the community building.  I am excited to see women making friends, learning from each other, sharing their giftings (including their delicious, donated cooking skills!).  I especially enjoyed the tamales and cheescake. Hint, hint. 

One of the exciting things we are doing next month, is hosting a Craft Bazaar at the end of our Ladies Bible Study. So many women in the church have small businesses or talents for making homemade items. So we’re gonna showcase those and let people do a little Christmas Shopping at the same time. Fun stuff. A lot on the horizon and a lot to be thankful for.

We are seeing this same community building occurring church-wide in LifeChurch Coppell as well. As our membership grows I can’t wait to share some of these same thematic Bible studies with the ladies of LCC too.  

We are excited that the Vision for both churches of Making Disciples of Jesus Christ (through the Mission for 2010) is being accomplished. So grateful to be a witness to the growth and connectivity.  Thanks to God for His faithfulness and thanks to faithful believers for their committment to learning and living out the Word.

Mucho amor Xoxo!!   


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