Life Church Coppell Update!

Last week in LifeChurch Coppell we had a potluck Christmas meal. Now, I am on a low-carb Preggo diet to keep my risk of gestational diabetes down, so I will not be able to fill you in on the desserts that were present. But, I can assure you they were demolished. My daughters made cranberry cake & apple pie, I saw Christmas cupcakes & I longingly looked at the caramel popcorn balls all wrapped in plastic with a cute little curly wrapping tie. Pretty much, I was gipped and we should re-do the entire Christmas potluck but with a low-carb theme. 
The food I COULD eat was awesome and I especially enjoyed  Pastor Holly’s salad with the little ramen noodles in it. Pretty much anything that’s called a salad but doesn’t have much lettuce, I’m down with. 😉

We had round tables with gorgeous decor and candles and fajitas with the fixins (and all the sides everyone else brought) and enjoyed a good time of eating and talking and corralling our kiddos. For some reason, most of the LifeChurch kids LOVE LifeChurch because there’s lots of food and space to RUN. Which we thought we taught their parents about but then the pastor’s kids undid that teaching with gymnastics practice and spinning competitions in the far end of the sanctuary after services. Good thing I know the pastor. We will have to have a talk about this. 😉

Last week was a blast. It was so fun people stayed… And stayed… And stayed…
It was our latest church night so far, which shows people 
1. Actually like coming to church 2. Actually like each other 
3. Actually stay to help clean up. 🙂

That, or everyone is really dreading Monday and this is their big escape. Ha ha

This week, we are excited to launch the next phase of LCC. Children’s Ministry! We have had the rooms, the curriculum, the space & the toys… We just needed to build a team!  Quite the reverse problem of other church start-ups. But we wanted this to be an organic church start-up which built upon and utilized the giftings of those that God would draw and lead to Life Church Coppell. And He’s doing it! We are excited to see young families, young couples, teens and 20 somethings, retirees and established families ALL joining up, signing up and serving with all they have. Thank you to those of you who are using your giftings and those who are still just checking us out. You are all welcome. It’s kinda like our potluck last week:
You each bring a beautiful variety to the table and we are grateful to get to share our lives with you. 

Abigail (and Tim!)


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