I ate zero donuts this morning. They were there. Calling to me. In a beautiful white box. Kids, especially, were enjoying them left and right (except for one shall-we-say- high-energy kid whose mother decided he would not be needing donuts to fuel his behavior: he could get in trouble “just fine without sugar.”

I might have gotten in trouble too with extra sugar Ha ha. So I ate my high-protein Greek yogurt and called it a good morning… There was already enough adrenaline in the place without the coffee & donuts that greeted our first service this morning as they walked in the front doors.

From the sound check at 8:30 to the door lock-up at 4:30 this afternoon, there was anticipation and teamwork throughout the building. A buzz of purposeful, joyful activity was everywhere. As one member described: today just “felt right.”

Thank you to each of you who brought your expectation, your smile, your willingness, your friends! There was something so precious about all of us gathering together in worship today- something we’ll look back on one day and remember as a watermark in the history of our church. It wasn’t church “as usual.” (Although there’s something about being a Spirit-led, growing, multi generational, multi-cultural congregation that means there’s not a lot that’s predictable or “usual” about us to begin with!) But thanks to God’s sovereign grace & the shift-producing GROWTH hormone that is embedded in the DNA of a faith-filled people, we will never go back to anything resembling the status quo. I don’t think it’s possible to do church “as usual” any more.

And all the children who enjoyed 3 donuts before first service today say a loud Amen to that!



One thought on “Today

  1. Hola Abigail… yo me comi las donuts que vos no te comiste….glup! ….Lamentablemente no pudimos asistir a ningún servicio aunque estuvimos ahí desde temprano en la cocina, pero si pudimos estar en el último servicio de Niños Vida ya que Belice nos invitó junto a mis sobrinas a asistir y FUE GRANDIOSO!!! …. no se como fueron los servicios de ayer, los veré más tarde en internet, pero ver a nuestra Belu, arrodillarse y adorar a Dios fué más que una confirmación, más que una enseñanza … para mi fue la perfecta demostración de Amor… incomparable ….Gracias a Dios por haber despertado ese hambre de buscarlo y habernos llevado a Mundo de Fe.

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