Waiting no longer

Oh. Um. Yeah. I haven’t blogged about my son yet. I think I mentioned him last in like… April of last year. While I was still pregnant. So in case anyone worried that I had the world’s longest gestation of like 18 months or something… He is here! Ha ha And he is precious. He was born last April 19th and he is the reason for my blogging break (of like nine months). He’s adorable. I love everything about him. Here he is with his handsome Daddy during a sound check before a worship service at church.



One thought on “Waiting no longer

  1. Greetings Pastor Tim and Abigail Holland, what a blessing to know you and your family are doing very well! We hope you remember us! What a blessing to see God blessed you with a Beautiful Baby Boy after 4 beautiful girls, I believe this is right! We are still in contact with friends in Texas so the little we hear are is that God is doing amazing work in you and your family! We hope to connect with all of you again. We Love you and wish the best for you all. God bless you! The Carreras in California.

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