Our day with Nick Vujicic

“What happens if you pray for a miracle & it doesn’t come?” – Nick Vujicic asks his audience directly. His blue shirt brought out the blue of Australian eyes & sandy hair.

He indicated a point towards the crowd using only his shoulder. No arm was attached to the folded sleeve.

Nick started out the first of three messages today at church with honesty, humor & this question as a theme…

What if God never heals us? Can we thank Him? Can we praise Him? Does He love us?

He asked questions that people rarely dare to voice in public. But he has the right to. Born without arms or legs -for no known reason- he is a living testimony of someone who has prayed his whole life and never seen his miracle. At least not HIS miracle.

He’s seen God heal others through his prayers. But he still hasn’t received his own miracle. (Although he owns a pair of shoes in his closet at home just in case God DOES heal him). He’s seen blind eyes healed, deaf ears opened & lame people walking in his evangelistic meetings, yet God didn’t heal Nick.

So he shares what he learned since.
Lessons of God’s grace. Lessons of His healing power. A powerful HEALING of the soul & spirit even if his physical legs & arms have yet to appear.

No arms. No legs. No problem:
“I have a personal relationship with Jesus, and that’s what completes me.” – Nick says.

He shared so passionately about his dependence on God for everything. Even in times of burn-out and depression. “When you’re walking with God, It’s not about always feeling strong…” he said of a time in his life just two years ago when he was working hard in the ministry but just came to the end of his rope. A new level of dependence on God’s grace was birthed during that season.

“You will cry. You will bleed. But God will carry you.” he shared…

People look at his disability and see a problem. But “what’s your disability? Everyone has some type of disability,” Nick said from his platform atop a skirted table that raised him to eye level from the stage floor.

“Having no Limbs is not the problem. Fear is the problem. the fear of being alone. Not knowing. Fear of what people think of you.”

Everyone identifies with that.

Heads nod accordingly. Three services of crowds that totaled in the thousands. Everyone quiet. Nodding. Agreeing.

“God doesn’t need to give me arms and legs to give me joy. If you’re not joyous in Jesus with [your circumstances] you don’t know who Jesus is.”

And you see that joy in Nick.

Nick’s passion for Jesus & gratitude for who Jesus is to him, radiated from his face.

“When you’re in the valley you can’t see the light…”

BUT….” Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength,” he shared from Isaiah 40:31 and from
Jeremiah 29:11:
(“God’s plans for you are GOOD”)

And on the subject of grace:
“God will not let you go through more than you can handle. God’s grace is sufficient.” He wove bits of his personal testimony & the Bible and an empathetic voice searching out others in pain who came to hear him.

But I’m broken, you say?

“You don’t know what God can do with your broken pieces until you give Him your broken pieces.” – Nick Vujicic

It was a powerful, touching message- three times – three different ways but with a united theme:
God is GOOD.
He LOVES us.

Want to know more about Nick Vujicic and his ministry?

Lifewithoutlimbs.org is his website.

I’ll be reading his newest book which you MUST get a copy of:
“Unstoppable” It is EVERYWHERE – my husband Tim even saw it in the airport in Dubai on his way to India recently!

We now have a signed copy (signed with a Sharpie held in Nick’s teeth). Humbling. We bought a copy and then turned around to see he had gifted us one as well. So I’ve got an extra, now, for a Christmas present for someone!

We are so thankful for this ministry and the precious deposit from God’s Word through Nick Vujicic that happened today in LifeChurch – Mundo de Fe.

Please pray for Nick, his wife Kanae & their baby boy (due in 10 weeks). They are doing bold, wonderful things through God and next year they will be visiting 25 nations of the world on a tour, as well as working with Gov. Rick Perry on an anti-bullying campaign. Big things. Big hope. Big God. And so many people need to hear about God’s love! Nick is doing his part to share that love & we are grateful to have seen hundreds of invited friends & family members in our own church give their lives to Christ today as a result. To God be the glory!


“In this life there is no greater purpose than to know God & grow in faith…” – Nick Vujicic



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