Figuring out Who’s Boss

Timmy’s new little catch phrase to his sisters is “Mom said!” It’s kind of amusing because the girls will respect what he says just because he uses my name. 😉
“Mom said IceCream.” (Gimme!)
“Mom said More” (candy).
“Mom said ‘outside.” (Take me OUT!)
Whatever is convenient to him, he’ll tell sisters. And if they don’t oblige?

“Mom said.”

They think it’s funny. And they play along. You know “honoring” their mother… (But Mom, I had to get out the ice cream at breakfast, because Timmy said you wanted us to.” 😉

Yeah. So tonight, Timmy was crying because I put him in his crib while I got him ready for bed. He didn’t want his PJs on. He didn’t like the idea of bedtime. But the biggest Upset to his world: he wanted to get down, OUT of his crib. It wasn’t his bedtime yet! What! This wasn’t fair! He turned on the tears. No response from Mommy. He resisted his pjs. I still put them on him. He pointed to the floor. I took a moment to pick up his room. Three whole minutes in his crib with me IN his room with him isn’t going to scar him. He disagreed.

When his whining didn’t work to free him from the prison bars, in desperation he tried a new tactic with me: “Dad Said!”

What? I asked him.

“Dad said: DOWN!” He said proud that he’d trumped his mama’s authority with one little word. 😉

So… I laughed and got him down. You know, out of respect for his Dad’s authority.

Now that Timmy understands the authority lines in the house, we will have to work on this compulsive lying ha ha.




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