My friend

A chubby little hand encircles my face tonight. Eyes closed he mumbles: “My friend.” to his mommy. I don’t know when this started, but for months now, my son – just two years old- has lovingly added to his list of understood roles and responsibilities that mommy is his friend. “I love you mommy. My friend.” The sweetest emphasis always placed on the “my” as if I belong only to him and I’m his only friend.

How deliciously ludicrous that a toddler could be friends with his mommy. It makes me smile.

We have nothing in common: a grown woman & a two year old boy…intellectually we communicate on different levels. He plays Matchbox cars and I play iTunes. Our life experiences vary greatly. Hot dogs and grape juice are his idea of a fine dinner out. I’m his mommy & he’s my baby …but friends?

Yes. I guess so. The closest of friends. Because he chooses me. And I choose him. I smile at his claim over me. I’m not just his mommy. I’m not just his chef and chief butler and bather & dresser of little pint sized duds. He thinks we are friends. A relationship strictly of the choosing.

And It makes me think how precious is our God to let us call Him friend? We humans have nothing in common with His deity. Intellectually we pale in comparison to His great wisdom. Our finite human experience doesn’t match his eternal, all-knowing perspective. How can we call Him friend? Yet HE lets us call Him friend. A relationship strictly of the choosing. He lets us reach up and touch His face and whisper nonsensical claims of relationship with Him as if we were – gasp- intimately acquainted with His majesty.

I’m so thankful for Jesus. The friend who makes relationship with deity possible. He is the reason we can talk to and know God. He is the reason that the sweetness of our human relationships is so poignant. The reason they all point us back to God. Because deep down we know that every single love we feel and have on this earth – that of mother and baby, friends, the truest of romantic love – ALL of it can only come from the most ludicrous of sources: a Friend out there…sent just for us. To us. To know us and let us know Him.

What an unbalanced, imperfect relationship that can be. And yet I have to think that God – in all His lofty perfection and eternal wisdom is moved possibly like a human parent at the toddler-like claim of friendship we might make towards Him. To say to Him: because of Jesus I can know you. I love you God. [You are ] my friend… MY friend. And then to settle down in rest in Him because we are known….

My son softly snores near me as I write this. “My friend” being the last words to cross his lips…



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